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PG Diploma In Advanced Computing (PG-DAC)

Concepts of Programming

Setup development environment (JRE, JDK, eclipse), Writing your first Java program, Variables & Methods, Java Data Types, Primitives and Binary Literals, Data type compatibility and casting of primitive data types, Static variables and methods, Operators, Conditional and Looping Statements

Recursion, Objects, Constructors (Default constructor, parameterized constructor), Static method v/s instance method, String class, Arrays

Concepts of Operating System

Introduction to OS, What is OS, Different components of OS, Examples of, Mobile OS, Embedded system OS, Real Time OS,  desktop OS server machine OS etc, Functions of OS, User and Kernel space and mode, Interrupts and system calls, Introduction to Linux, Working basics of file system, files/directories & other basic commands. Operators like redirection, pipe. file permissions, Permissions (chmod, chown, etc), access control list, network commands (telnet, ftp, ssh, sftp, finger), System variables like – PS1, PS2 etc. Shell programming, Decision loops (if else, test, nested if else, case controls, while…until, for), Regular expressions, Arithmetic expressions, Process management, Schedulers – Short term, Medium term and Long term, Process scheduling algorithms, Orphan and zombie processes, Signals, Threads, Memory management, Internal and external fragmentation, Segmentation, Paging, Virtual Memory, Deadlock, Semaphore, Mutex, Inter process communication, File management, Mobile OS – Android

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OOPs: Introduction to OOPs concepts, Classes and Objects, Access specifiers, Namespaces and Tokens, Abstraction, Data hiding, Encapsulation, Polymorphism and Inheritance

Core Java: Java 8 and its features, Introduction to JDK, JRE &JVM, JVM Architecture Overview, Data types, Variables, Constants, Operators, Arrays and control statements (if, for, while, switch etc.). Classes in java, Constructors, instance data, method overloading and overriding, super and this keyword, static variables, methods, block and scope, lifetime. Packages and access rules, Inheritance and its types, Runtime and Compile Time Polymorphism, Abstract classes and Interfaces, Inner classes, Exception Handling, String and Wrapper classes, Generics and Collections, File Handling and Multithreading, Reflection, Java n/w programming, Synchronization, Deadlock, Inner Class, Lambada Expression, Reflection

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Problem Solving & Computational Thinking: Define the problem, Find Creative Solutions using creativity tools, Evaluate and Select solution, Implementing Decisions, Algorithm Design and Analysis, Analyzing time and space complexity.

Basic Data Structures: Arrays, Stacks, Queues (Circular Queues, Priority Queues, Dequeues), Linked lists (Single, Double and Circular Linked Lists),

Trees and Applications: Tree traversals, Ordered Trees, Binary trees, Complete Binary Trees, Search trees, Binary Search Trees, Self-Balancing Trees

Graph and Applications: Graph traversal algorithms (BFS, DFS), Dijkstra’s Algorithm, Bellman Ford Algorithm, Complexity-Time & Space complexity All-pairs shortest path, Floyd-Warshall algorithm, Johnson's algorithm, Maximum flow algorithms, Ford-Fulkerson algorithm

Searching & sorting algorithms: Sequential Search, Binary Search, Selection sort, Insertion sort, Bubble sort, Heap sort, Merge sort, Quick sort

Hash Functions and Hash Tables

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Introduction to DBMS, Database Terminology, Types of DBMS, MySQL Clients (Monitor, Shell, Workbench), Data Models, Database Design, Entity-Relationship Diagram (ERD), Codd’s 12 rules for RDBMS, SQL Commands, DDL, Data Redundancy, Data Anomalies, Functional Dependency, Normalization, Normal Forms, MySQL Data Types, Database Constraints, Aggregate Functions, Grouping


Operators, Relational Algebra Operations Joins, MySQL Programming,  Stored Procedures, Flow Control Statements, Functions, Cursors Triggers Error Handling and Exceptions, NoSQL database, Difference between RDBMS and NoSQL databases, CAP Theorem, BASE Model, Categories of NoSQL Databases, MongoDB, Performing CRUD Operations, UPSERT, MongoDB – Operators, Sorting, Indexing, Introduction to BigData, Typical Components of a Big Data system

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Architecture of Web, Brief history of the Internet, Internet Protocol; HTTP, HTTPS, HTML5, New features in HTML5, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

XML: Introduction to XML & Reason for XML, JavaScript: Introduction to Object Oriented Programming in JS, Method, Constructor, Inheritance, Encapsulation, Abstraction, Polymorphism, Document Object Model (DOM), HTML DOM, DOM Elements, DOM Events, jQuery, JSON & Ajax, Ajax using JSON and jQuery

Node.js: Node.js Asynchronous Programming, Introduction to Asynchronous programming and callbacks, Node.js Modules, Introduction to npm, Node.js Modules – fs and http, File I/O – Sync & Async Methods, Introduction to Express, Templates

React Native: Introduction to React Native and its architecture. Props and states, Inline and External styling, React native binding, handling events and user inputs, validations, using network in app, Introduction to React-Redux, Responsive Web Design & Web Security, SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), JSON and Security Concerns, Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF), Injection Attacks, Security Standards (OWASP)

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J2EE Overview, Servlets, Introduction to JSON, Servlets, Session Management, JSP and JSTL, MVC Architecture Hibernate framework, ORM Concepts, JPA, Hibernate architecture, JDBC & Transaction Management, Annotation support and ID generators. Transaction management, Hibernate Session CRUD API, Hibernate caching, HQL, Spring Data Module, Spring AOP, Spring framework, Building REST services with Spring, Overview, IOC, Dependency Injection, Spring Beans, Spring Core Container,  Testing in Spring, Autowiring, Web application using Controller, Service & DTO layers, Spring Hibernate Integration and Testing, Web Services, REST Architecture, RESTful web service using Spring Boot, Integration and Testing of RESTful web server and client, Java Mail API.

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.NET Framework: Introduction to the .Net Framework, Intermediate Language (IL), Assemblies and their structure, EXEs/DLLs, CLR and its functions, .Net Framework, Introduction to Visual Studio, Using ILDASM, Console Applications and Class Libraries Framework and .Net Core 

C#.Net : C# Basics, Methods, Properties, Constructors, Destructors, interfaces, Static Members of a Class, Functions, Inheritance, Interfaces, Operator overloading, Reference and Value Types, Working with Arrays, Indexers, Collections – generic and non-generic, Delegates, Anonymous methods, Lambdas, Error Handling (Exceptions Handling), Handling events Extension methods, LINQ to objects, shared assembly, Reflection, Files I/O and Streams, Threading, Working with Tasks, Using the Task Parallel Library

ASP.Net MVC: Architecture of an ASP .Net MVC application , Understanding Controllers and Action, Understanding Views & Models

MVC State Management, MVC Module, Data Management with ADO.NET, Understanding Routing & Request Life Cycle, Layouts , Bundle , Minification, MVC Security, Entity Framework, Developing MVC application using EF Code First Approach, Understanding ASP.Net MVC Core, Localization in MVC (Demo Only), Deploying ASP .NET MVC application (Demo only), Windows Communication Foundation (Demo Only), Web APIs

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Git: Developing an application in a team, Issues developers face when working in a team, Introduction to code versioning system, History of code versioning system, Introduction to git, Creating and merging different git branches

Software Engineering: Introduction to software engineering, Software Development Life Cycles, Requirements Engineering, Design and Architectural Engineering, Design Models, UML, Coding, Object Oriented Analysis and Design, Agile development model, Introduction to Atlassian Jira, Case study of developing web application using agile methodology

DevOps: Introduction to Microservices, Microservices Architecture, Deployment pattern, Database Management for Microservices, DevOps, DevOps ecosystem, Introduction to docker, Container life cycle, Use docker management commands, Introduction to YAML, Docker Swarm and Docker Stack, Kubernetes

Testing & Integration: Introduction to software testing, Verification and validation, Quality Assurance vs Quality Control vs Testing, Principles of software testing, Introduction to STLC and V Model, Types of testing, Tools used for automation testing, Testing methods, Selenium (use Eclipse IDE), Introduction to delivery pipeline, Jenkins, Selenium integration with Jenkins,

Cloud: Introduction, Virtualization, Containerization, Cloud Computing, Cloud SPI Model, Cloud Computing Types (Public, Private and Hybrid), Cloud Security (SLA and IAM), Cloud architecture, Service models, Deployment models, Cloud development best practices, Introduction to AWS, Services provided by AWS

Download Admission Booklet
Download Admission Booklet

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