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Core Java

Course Name : Core Java

Batch Schedule : 04-Jan-2021   To   05-Feb-2021

Schedule : Weekdays (Mon-Fri)

Timings : 6:30 PM  To  9:00 PM

Fees : Rs. INR 4500/- (Inclusive GST)

  • Students
  • Fresher's
  • Working professionals
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  • Java 8 Basics (8)
    • Java language features
    • Overview of JDK, JRE and JVM
    • Data types and wrapper classes
    • Package, path and classpath
    • Arrays, Enum, jar
  • OOPs concept (10)
    • Class, reference, instance
    • Constructor chaining
    • Object class
    • Static initializer block
    • Association and inheritance
    • Polymorphism and dynamic method dispatch
    • Abstract class and Interface
  • Exception Handling (3)
    • Checked and unchecked Exception
    • Custom exception
    • Chained exceptions
  • Functional Programming Fundamentals (3)
    • Nested and local class
    • Anonymous inner class
    • Functional interface
    • Lambda expression
    • Method and constructor references
  • Generics (3)
    • Boxing and unboxing
    • Bounded type parameter
    • Wild Card
    • Generic method
  • String Handling (2)
    • Overview of UNICODE
    • String, StringBuffer and StringBuilder
    • StringTokenizer
    • Use of regular expression using Pattern and Matcher class
  • Collection Framework (9)
    • ​​​​​​​Cloneable, Comparable, Comparator, Iterator
    • List, Set, Queue and Map implementation
    • Hashing
  • Multithreading (6)
    • ​​​​​​​ Advantages & issues of process & thread
    • Thread class and Runnable
    • Thread States, life cycle
    • Race condition, deadlock, monitor
    • Synchronization and Object class
  • File IO (3)
    • ​​​​​​​Text file and binary file processing
    • Serialization and deserialization
    • Overview of file nio.
  • Socket Programming (3)
    • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Networking basics
    • Socket introduction
    • Socket programming using TCP and UDP
  • Reflection and Annotation (3)
    • ​​​​​​​Metadata and its application
    • Overview of reflection classes and interfaces
    •  java.lang.Class class
    • Dynamic method invocation
  • Java Database connectivity (6)
    • ​​​​​​​JDBC specification
    • Driver and its type
    • Statement, PreparedStatement, CallableStatement
    • POJO and DAO layer
  • JVM Architecture (1)
    • ​​​​​​​Lifetime of JVM
    • Architecture
    • Classloader subsystem
    • JVM memory areas.


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  • OOP concepts: Class, Object, overloading, constructor, inheritance and virtual function.
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  • SDK: Open JDK 1.8
  • Editor: MS VS Code
  • IDE: Eclipse
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Rishabh Desai

Excellent teaching style and excellent understanding of teaching topics. I like the most about the course is how Sandeep sir helps to improve visualization of code using proper diagrams and images. Also, proper sequencing of sample examples helps to revise the topic in the future. It’s good that sir gives more time on basic topics in the beginning so that the foundation is strong. 

Harsh Gupta - B.tech CSE 3rd year student.

Sir, it’s been a great session with you. The way you taught is very good. It's my first time learning java language and I never felt left out at any point, thanks for taking up every basic topic.

Diliptiwari Tiwari

Sandeep Sir is great in teaching he didn’t just give the answers away – he made you THINK. This was sort of frustrating, but it helped me understand the material much better. In tough Situation sunbeam offer an Online class and materials, which allow me to attend the online course by the best instructor. Thank you Sandeep sir, Sunbeam and all his teaching staff

Abhilash Kamble

There are two types of teachers, one who teach their students what the syllabus dictates and the other, who go beyond the coursework to teach their students things that life dictates. I really had a fantastic time taking your course. Start from the "Compiling Program without IDE to Reflection" I don’t owe my professional success to my destiny, courage, luck, belief, confidence, or fortune. I owe it to a wonderful scholar like you. Nothing can come close to the inspirational presence of an instructor like you in a student’s journey. You are a great trainer organized, responsive, patient, and able to clearly explain complex topics and nuances. Being so encouraging and doing everything you can to keep us motivated and supported throughout our program. Your knowledge and leadership provide us with a priceless model for our own careers. I am so happy you are part of my education. Thank you for teaching me that emotion and logic exist best together. I learned to truly care about diversity and inclusion through your classes, and I hopefully now spread that message in a passionate but thoughtful way. You’re awesome! 

Rohit Dhange - Cognizant  

Excellent sessions by Sandeep Sir enjoyed learning core of the Java. Sandeep sir's way of teaching is excellent and easily understood by anyone. Considering the fact that Java is not that simple when it moves to its complex features to any beginner or who doesn't work on Java, it needs much more revisions and continued coding practice. Sandeep sir has made it very easy to understand and taught us exactly how to think in Java. And it clearly seen in the sessions how much hard work has to be done offline to create any notes and diagrams to make things simple and easily understandable. Thank you sir for conducting the sessions. Really looking forward to see you in next advance sessions. 

Ashlesha Gokhale

For a long time, I was searching for a good java class where I can learn and understand maximum concepts in a class itself. And Sandeep sir's class was the place where I got every bit of knowledge about core java. He has excellent and deep knowledge of java. He taught every topic and concept in depth. His teaching style which includes explaining a concept by giving real-time examples, drawing beautiful diagrams, and covering every test case of the respective code was noteworthy. I would really like to appreciate sir's punctuality which in turn inculcated a good discipline in me. From now onwards I would like to join every class which is taught by Sandeep sir. Thank you sir for your insight and valuable time! You’re awesome! 

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Sr.No Batch Code Start Date End Date Time
1 CJ-O-03 04-Jan-2021 05-Feb-2021 6:30 PM  To  9:00 PM

Schedule : Weekdays (Mon-Fri)

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