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Course Name : C++

Batch Schedule : 16-Sep-2020   To   30-Sep-2020

Schedule : All Days

Timings : 04:00 PM  To  08:00 PM

Fees : Rs. INR 7000/- 2500/- (Inclusive GST)

1. C++ Introduction:

  • Programming language classification.
  • Difference between procedure oriented and object oriented programming.
  • History of C++.
  • C++ specifications and keywords.
  • Flow of execution.
  • Data type and its type, type modifiers and qualifiers.
  • structure in C/C++, access specifier.

2. Class and Objects:

  • Class implementation and reared oops concepts.
  • Object and its characteristics.
  • Empty class and its use.

3. Namespace:

  • Storage classes, scope and life time
  • Namespace concept and its use
  • Console streams in C/C++ and its use.

4. Pointer, references, this pointer and default arguments:

  • pointer basics, dereferencing and related concepts.
  • this pointer.
  • constructor and its member initialiser list
  • l-value and r-value.
  • const in C/C++, complicated pointer declaration using const.
  • const data member, member function and object, use of mutable in C++.
  • default arguments

5. Data security using getter & setter and Exception handling:

  • macro versus inline function.
  • string type in C++.
  • use of getter and setter in programming.
  • Exception handling.
  • Data security( concept and implementation ).

6. Oops Concepts:

  • OOPS theory and its advantages.
  • Software development life cycle
  • Phases in object oriented software development.
  • Introduction to UML.
  • Major and minor pillars of oops.
  • Abstraction, Encapsulation and modularity with implementation.
  • Function overloading, name mangling & mangled name.

7. Dynamic memory allocation, destructor and copy constructor:

  • dynamic memory allocation in C and C++.
  • dangling pointer and memory leakage.
  • destructor.
  • Shallow copy and deep copy.
  • Copy constructor.

8. Friend function and operator overloading:

  • Friend function and class.
  • Nested and local class.
  • Operator overloading concept, use and its limitations.
  • Overloading arithmetic, relational, shorthand and unary operator.
  • Overloading insertion( << ) and extraction operator( >> )
  • Overloading =,[],() and -> operator
  • Function object and Smart pointer.
  • Conversion function.

9. How to share data between objects:

  • Static concept in C.
  • Static data member and member function.
  • Singleton class and factory design pattern.
  • Anonymous class and object.

10. Inheritance and polymorphism:

  • Hierarchy and its type.
  • Association, composition & aggregation, UML notations and implementation.
  • Inheritance basics, mode of inheritance and type of inheritance.
  • Diamond problem.
  • Polymorphism concept & its use, type of polymorphism.
  • Object slicing, upcasting and down casting.

11. Virtual function, Abstract class and interface:

  • Virtual function and function overriding.
  • Early binding and late binding using C and C++.
  • Virtual function under the hood( v-table and v-ptr )
  • Pure virtual function, abstract class and  interface.
  • Interface inheritance versus implementation inheritance.
  • Overloading versus overriding.

12. Advanced C++:

  • RTTI
  • Advanced typecasting operators.
  • Template( Function template & class template )
  • STL( algorithms, container and iterator ).
  • Manipulators, streams and file handling.
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Sandeep Sir, I have never seen a Teacher who has this much dedication towards teaching, programming. Even I asked my father, Ki asch jar college madhe shikaval asta tar kiti chan zal ast :)) Because in my college days I got scared when my program not get complied but Now i enjoyed when i got errors karan ti error solve karnyat ji majja ahe ti tumhi shikavli. You have changed my perspective towards programming, you gave me confidence that no one did it before. Your documentation, your problem solving nature is truly wonderful. I'm trying to enjoy programming as like you enjoyed during sessions. Thank you so much Sandeep Sir!!! 

The total module conducted was beyond extraordinary. All the concepts taught by Sandeep sir was excellent and understandable even it is taught through online mode. Even though it was virtual module but whole sessions were interactive and He was able to understand our doubts and was clearing those on the spot like what we have in our classroom sessions.  

hello Sandeep Sir.... Every thing was really great. We get to learn a lot of things. As anyone have noticed or not i don't know but i have noticed that there is not a Single doubt that sir has not covered rather it be imp , relevant or not so imp sooner or later sir have covered every thing possible . And also Sir have Designed the course in very understandable and organised manner. Technique of sir to teach every thing first showing errors , then showing why error came , then how to resolve error and why that concept in language are introduced really sir now we are comfortable to deal with Errors to which we were afraid of earlier And also giving references, Examples was really helpful also relating to real world examples. Also the diagram that sir have made during live lecture was so helpful that have given us a clear idea of internal working of the codes , that made our concepts Crystal Clear. That diagram helped us a lot In fact There are lot of things Sir taught us that would have took us a huge time and lot of practice to understand. But there we got things ready made In out hands Because they were necessary for our understanding Even sir have Helped us to link concepts of other languages just to get better understanding. Sandeep Sir have taken lots of efforts for us It was not just an online batch it was lot more then that 

Due to network issue I m not able to join live lecture bt when I saw the recorded session I realized that the teaching is good and nature of clearing doubts and concepts was outstanding. In spite of online classes they were teaching us with same efforts as they they show us in physical attending classes . Overall experience is good. Thank you sandip sir for this session . You are always very patient, helpful and truely careful about every session and student. I learned so much from you. The experience of this online course has been nothing but positive.

It was a great learning experience with sunbeam and especially Sandeep sir. Also the other technical staff is very co-operative. The content taught is very useful and will definitely help me in improving my programming skills. I would love to attend other such online courses or webinars with sunbeam

Honestly at initial level I thought lectures will be boring because we were having basics of CPP. But later I realized its importance, to learn something big you should go through basics first then only you will understand big things. And honestly the way sir explain things is awesome. Using paint to make everyone understand concept is 10/10.

This was the best online experience till date. Being from mechanical background, it was always a concern to learn the C++ module in the easiest way possible to be frank i am completely satisfied with the ground level teaching of all the concepts related to C++. The most appreciable fact about this session was the teaching method and interaction done with the students by Sandeep sir and also the motivation given by him at regular times before learning the difficult topics on the module. Personally, I won't ask for any improvement because the way of his teaching is unique maybe making students comfortable with the new concepts by using PAINT , EXCEL, PPTs and detailed notes was really helpful to us. And most importantly, looking at the current pandemic situation , while teaching online making each and every student comfortable was necessary which was a taken care of on a priority basis. I would really like to thank Sandeep sir and Sunbeam for organising such a helpful session on C++. 

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Sr.No Batch Code Start Date End Date Time
1 CPP-O-02 16-Sep-2020 30-Sep-2020 04:00 PM  To  08:00 PM

Schedule : All Days

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